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  • I live in the basement of the Scarlet Dash Mansion.
  • My occupation is i'm locked in a fricking basement idiot.
  • I am always wondering what other ponies are like, I've only tasted them in cupcakes.
  • TokyoMania45

    Flan Fans pt 2

    July 23, 2013 by TokyoMania45

    Flandre takes the cake for making other characters with her power look like, quote on quote, "posers". Many have Flan's power, but none can compare with her cute yet psycho yet depressing nature that make people got her memorized (ah I love Axel).

    Anyway, another fact that I didn't post was that Remi and Satori also are very similar as well. They both own very expensive houses (being the mistresses of their homes), like I said, are weaker than their sisters, are portrayed in similar ways in fanart (as in cute or proper), that I think about it, they both have shorter hair than their sisters, nevertheless having similar hair length. And there both feared a great deal. AND THEY BOTH WEAR PINK! AND THEY BOTH WEAR SOMETHING ON THEIR HE…

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  • TokyoMania45

    Flandre Fans

    July 6, 2013 by TokyoMania45

    If you see the fanbase, you'll notice that Flan is often paired up with Marisa and Koishi. I really don't know why for Marisa, plant your theories! Now as for Koishi: their both Ex-bosses, their both stronger than their sisters, and their both crazy. It may make sense, but I disagree. Also, she is sometimes, sometimes, paired up with Nue. Obviously because they have the coolest looking wings in the game and they are both Ex-bosses when you think about it.

    People put Flandre in 2 categories: Adorable and Insane. It is actually hard to tell whether she has the nature of a calm little girl or a mentally unstable demon who could crack at any moment. Perhaps both at some times. We'll only know if they put Flandre in another game...and she gets a…

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