Flandre generally does not leave the Scarlet Devil Mansion (she is forbidden to this), but her existence has been occasionally confirmed by humans that enter it. She knows little about the outdoors. Her beautiful glow-in-the-dark rainbow wings have 7 lovely crystals that can be described as a "night light" (this is what I think). Bur seriously, she can fly in these wings. Isolation is the time she spends the most with but she has a little amount of friends of her own, even Remilia, her elder sister, is seldom seen together with her. This vampire is sometimes paired with Koishi. The reason could be that they are both extra stage bosses and the younger sister of the mistress (their elder siblings) of a mansion.

She has the ability of destruction with or without touching them. She probably doesn't have as many playmates because everything made for her to play with always ends up broken. It truly states that she has no weakness other than sunlight and rain. In fact, Flandre's claimed to be in the basement before the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. When you want to pay a visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, always come prepared, even during Remilia's absence; you must all ways remember that there are 2 vampires. Not to worry, we can all fly even if not everyone has wings like certain characters...

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