Flandre Utsuho

aka Flandre Scarlet

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Gensokyo, Japan
  • My occupation is Killing little humans
  • I am a Female vampire (not native to Gensokyo)
  • Flandre Utsuho

    The Vampire of the Red Tea

    Chapter One: Lifeless Bodies Are Useless

    The screams of the lifeless bodies are never heard, just like my voice. They just try to scream the one scream they know which ends up being useless. I ask them to sing with me, and try to teach me a new song, but no one listens to me, no one sings to me. I get tired of repeating the same words and actions every day of my useless life. I ask the bodies to play with me, but again, no one listens to me. So, I crack open my one of my many skulls and sprinkled brains on my dress of fresh with blood I found. I turned again to the lifeless bodies sitting beside me, and before I could ask, I screamed. I'll shut you up alone in mountains of bones. Come on, I want to hear you scream.…

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  • Flandre Utsuho

    The Gensokyo Millennium

    Chapter One: The Beginning of the Millennium to come

    There I stood, gazing at the moon as its light was reflected just below my feet, thinking about what medicine I shall make tomorrow. I’ve already created so many different medicines like the Hourai Elixir, which will make whomever who drinks upon it, immortal.  I can’t think of any new ideas. Maybe if I was just a normal human being that has been on Earth and in Gensokyo for all my life, just maybe I would have an idea, but instead I have to be a Lunarian that was the main medical mind on the moon. Where I come from, I was an instrumental founder of the Lunar society along with Lord Tsukuymi, and I was the person in charge of the Moon’s emissaries to Earth. Now, I’m j…

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