The Sun

Everyone knows that vampires can't be out during the day due to the sun being exposed (no, not even during a rainy day), which means Flandre Scarlet hates the sun just as any other vampire. Flandre Scarlet is not even allowed to go outside for nearly 500 years because of her destructive powers, and this is why she lives in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. In the "Explosion of Patchouli" (there is a link in Flandre Utsuho's Flandre Scarlet Links for that video), Sakuya takes Flandre outside as she does every month, and gives a short lesson. Sakuya gos on about telling Flandre about vampire's three ememies (which are: Priestesses, or Priests, running water, and the sun.) Flandre gets fed with the sun and destroys it using her destructive power. She tells her sister about this, whom is surprised at Flandre that she would do that, and she sends Flandre away into her room. Remilia (Remi) asked Patchouli to get the sun to come back using one of her spellcards. The next day, Flandre and Sakuya go back outside, and to Flandre's surprise, the sun is back! Sakuya goes on saying that Remilia loves Flandre, and had to replace the sun. No surprise, she destroys the sun again. Remilia hears about this, and orders Patchouli (Patchy) to use her spellcard until Flandre gives up, which means if Flandre trys...

【HD】Sweets Time - 紅魔狂ヰノ刻 (完成版)-003:41

【HD】Sweets Time - 紅魔狂ヰノ刻 (完成版)-0

Flandre 35

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